Amp Covers

We now stock heavy duty weather resistant padded covers for all our products. Made in USA with embroidered Fuchs logo on a heavy black canvas fabric with inner and outer fabric layer over a thick firm inner-foam to protect your investment in great tone.

We currently stock:

ODS Head size (fits ODS-Classic and original Overdrive Supreme, Clean Machine, Jazz Classic and Jazz Classic-II, Bruiser, Bruiser Jr, Train-45, Train-II, and Casino amps.

TDS Size: Fits original TDS and Mantis heads.

ODS-II Size: Fits ODS II heads.

Fuchs Standard Combo (21” tall): Fits all 17’ Chassis models: (ODS-Classic, Casino Series Amps, Overdrive Supreme, ODS-II, Train-II, Train-45, Clean Machine, Jazz Classic and Jazz Classic II).

Fuchs-Mini Combo (17” tall): Fits all 17” current models (ODS-Classic, Jazz Classic-II, Casino series).

Feiten Classic Speaker Cabinet Cover: Designed to fit the Buzz Feiten designed Fuchs 212 Vintage cabinet.

Contact sales@fuchsaudio.com to purchase or further information.

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