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Enjoying over ten years of production, the Overdrive Supreme® received glowing reviews in BOTH domestic and foreign publications.Reviews in Japan's "Guitar Magazine" as well as Guitar Player Magazine (February 2005). The Overdrive Supreme® was available in power ranges from 20 through 150 watts. Available in heads or 112, 210 or 212 combos. The ODs featured a full time effects loop which could handle both line and pedal level signals. It could be run in series or parallel modes, and remained live, whether used as a line out (to drive a mixer or sound system) or a line in (for guitar synth, keyboard, drum machine, etc.). A spacious Accutronics 3-spring long decay reverb pan was used for a natural warm, yet detailed reverb. Still want an ODS, check out our new ODS-II series of amps and keep checking this site for more info on the upcoming ODS Classic Series!

TDS Series Amps

Based on the highly successful Overdrive Supreme® SLX (favorably reviewed in the February Guitar Player Magazine), the Tripledrive Supreme® featured three foot switchable channels of clean, mean and scream. Available in 50, 100 and 150 watt versions, the TDS® featured a dedicated chime filled "California Clean Channel" with brite, deep, and rock/jazz switches, as well as mid and gain boosts. Its second and third channels are based on our successful Overdrive Supreme® clean and mean channels. The amp was controlled by a 6-way footswitch (included), which provided channel switching, as well as independent control of mid and gain boosts for both channels. An extra (separate) footswitch jack for the reverb was also available, as was the artist footswitch option.

Still want a Tripledrive Supreme? We will still build them as full-custom options. Go to our Service & Modifications Section for more info.


Train and Train II Series Amps

Andy’s homage to the classic Trainwreck amp designs, the Train and Train II series amps are no longer in production. Still want one? We will still build them as full-custom options. Go to our Service & Modifications Section for more info.

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