Speaker Cabinets

One size does not fit all.  We are proud to offer a wide range of speaker cabinets to compliment your Fuchs amp purchase.  From Mini 112 cabinets to 212 enclosures, we have solutions for every gig.  Did we mention that we are the exclusive distributor for Feiten Cabs?  The only lightweight 212 cabinet which sonically outperforms 412 cabs.  Contact your local dealer, or contact us directly for more info.

All Fuchs cabinets are hand crafted right in the USA and custom built to our specs. The cabinets are made from Liteply environmentally friendly poplar plywood made in Italy. We discovered Liteply when we developed our Buzz Feiten cabinets with Buzz. We wanted a material that was light, resonant, and consistent without voids or buzzes.

All Fuchs cabinets feature an internal acoustic treatment which controls reflections inside the cabinet, while making the speakers think they are in a bigger box, for a greater low end and a cabinet that plays loudly without woofiness or unwanted resonances.  All cabinets (unless special-order) come with Warehouse ET-65 drivers and the cabinets are 8 ohms. The rear panel features a recessed dual jack plate with two quarter inch jacks in parallel. Stocked and standard colors are cream with oxblood grille cloth and black tolex with black grille cloth, both with white piping and a Fuchs logo.  We use Penn-Elcom premium hardware for our corners, handles and feet.

We currently manufacture three different cabinet designs:


We are the only company licensed to make this accurate replication of the original speaker cabinets Buzz made back in the 80’s, used by Larry Carlton, Dean Parks and other notable guitarists. Known for their light weight and sounding “bigger” then its diminutive size would allow, Guitar Player magazine said The Feiten cabinet was “a 112 cabinet that thinks it’s a 212 cabinet. The 212 cabinet features one driver front mounted to the baffle and one to the rear, which sum a few meters from the cabinet and give a huge, full sonic presentation. The grille is held in with Velcro and may be removed easily without dismantling the cabinet.  The Feiten 212 cabinet is 22x11x24 inches and the 212 weighs a mere 42 lbs! Padded Fuchs covers are available for this and all Fuchs products.


Based on the same size shell as the Fuchs Feiten 212 cabinet, the Fuchs oversize 112 features the same liteply construction techniques, internal sonic treatment and removable grille, combined with a front mounted speaker which (for those who like trying speakers), allows future speaker swaps easily without dismantling the entire cabinet.  The Fuchs OS112 cabinet is 22x11x24 inches and it weighs a mere 34 lbs ! Padded Fuchs covers are available for this and all Fuchs products.


Designed for awesome tone and super portability, the Fuchs Mini-112 cabinet features the same liteply construction techniques, internal sonic treatment and removable grille.  The Fuchs Mini 112 cabinet is 19 x 11 X 17 inches and all current Fuchs heads sit perfectly on top being only slightly taller than a full size Fuchs combo, but bring the added benefit of easier portability. You have the advantage of splitting amp and cabinet which is easier to carry and pack into a vehicle.  It’s the same shell on which our Mini combos are based. These cabinets weigh a mere 30 lbs! The cabinet features a ported back for the perfect balance between projection and fat low end response. This is an excellent cabinet for wet dry rigs, or played stacked or side-by-side, they allow easy transport where a full size 212 cabinet might not fit or a high powered combo might weigh too much. Padded Fuchs covers are available for this and all Fuchs products.

Cabinet options: Warehouse ET-90 upgrade (for higher power applications). Custom tolex and grille cloth is available special order. All cabinets are 8 ohms standard, but may be ordered in 4, 8 or 16 ohm configurations.

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