Joe Jewell

My musical lifestyle is based upon variety. I switch styles and musical venue often, from pit work for shows to sessions to dates with orchestras to live gigs ranging from rock to jazz to classical to blues to swing to. I have always imagined that making my living in a wide variety of styles would require a wide variety of amplifiers. That was until I discovered Andy’s amps, amps that can only be described as phenomenal. I have slowly dismantled my amp ‘collection’ until I am now left with only Fuchs amps. I have never been so delighted with my sound in over 40 years of playing. I can get every tone I have ever imagined from the Fuchs amp. Furthermore, these amps truly are musical instruments that imbue my playing with a musicality and sweetness that I have never really heard before. We all know about the inimitable Fuchs Overdrive, but I want to make special mention of the lush, warm clean sound I get from these amps. The very, very best amps ever. THANKS, ANDY

– Joe Jewell

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