John March

Okay Andy, nothing I can say will do this amp justice. Once you play one you will understand, and nothing anyone says can prepare you for that great experience. I have owned every possible amp imaginable at one time or another. I am always on that elusive tone-hunt. My goal is always to find tools and techniques that make it easier for me to play music. To find ways and technologies that free me to play, rather than fight me. This is one of those rare amps that does just that. How I play and what I hear come together, and the more I want to express myself, the more this amp gives me. It responds to my hands like an extension of my instrument. What more could I possibly ask for? Well maybe two Fuchs amps!!! LOL Anyway, Andy is a great supporter, and I really appreciate the care and craft that goes into building a tool that helps me not only make music, but helps me make my living. Thanks Andy!

– John March

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