Cream II

The Tube Screamer might be the most popular and famous overdrive pedal ever made.


Made popular by SRV and countless others, the TS-808 (and its derivatives) have become legendary. When we designed the Plush® Cream II™, we sought to produce a pedal with the 3-knob simplicity of this classic pedal, while refining the overall design to modern boutique standards.

In addition to the selected Integrated circuit, we carefully chose each resistor and capacitor to voice the Cream II™ to be quiet, smooth yet articulate, and dynamic.

It responds well to both picking strength and guitar volume, and, best of all, it feels like a tube amp.

The gain control takes you from a mild edge to the hardest scream.

The tone control takes you from a warm “woman tone” to a screaming lead tone with just the right amount of sparkle.

Choose your tone, then set your level with the output control and rock on!

“The Cream II™ pedal is aptly named. It is very well suited for bridge pick up tones. It sounds particularly good when used in front of a clean amp. It gives you the ability to dial in the perfect amount of gain and is ideal for players that have real finger tone.” – Dweezil Zappa

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