Extreme CreamTM II

When we introduced the Plush® Cream™ a number players became repeat customers.


When we asked why, they explained that they set one for a great rhythm crunch, and the second for a screaming lead tone.

We went beyond solving that problem in the Extreme Cream II™.

We give you two 3-knob channels. One is voiced like the stock Cream II™. The second is voiced warmer, all under one hood.

A simple a/b switch and a simple on/off switch make operation a breeze.

In addition to the selected Integrated circuits, we carefully chose each resistor and capacitor to voice the Extreme Cream II™ to be quiet, smooth yet articulate, and dynamic.

Both channels respond well to both picking strength and guitar volume, and, best of all, it feels like a tube amp.
The gain control takes you from a mild edge to the hardest scream.

The tone control takes you from a warm “woman tone” to a screaming lead tone with just the right amount of sparkle.

Choose your tone, then set your level with the output control and rock on!

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