Fuchs Audio Technology ODS Mods:

Contact us at techsupport@fuchsaudio.com for a custom quote.

Mod prices are based on the model of donor amp, and the options desired.

By popular demand, Fuchs Audio Technology has reintroduced our ODS mod program.

Our modification program takes your donor amp (see list below) and converts it to an ODS style amplifier.

While the internal circuits are not completely identical to what we build into our production amps, the tones and basic circuit designs are rooted in the same “DNA” that’s found in our production amps.

Mod prices vary based on the model being modified and the feature set you want, so contact us with your needs. We also accept drop shipped amps off eBay or from third parties to save you shipping costs.

Our modified amps are complete “gut and rebuild” mods, which use your tubes, transformers, footswitch (if applicable) and your chassis and cabinet. We replace everything which usually includes filter caps, tube sockets, switches, jacks, wiring, and a new front panel. It’s infinitely easier for us to clear out the stock circuitry, and start with a clean chassis.

They don’t “look modified” inside or out, they look professional and sound great!

ODS Mods are now available with the HRM internal post-overdrive tone stack. Add $100 to the Mod cost.

Retrofit available, for $249 plus round-trip freight, to previously Fuchs modified ODS amps.

Mod Platform List:

These are the only brands and models currently being modified.

TUBE amps only, no solid state amps.


Bassman-50, Bassman-70, Bassman-100, Bassman-135, PA-100, PA-135, Super-Bassman, Super Reverb (or reissue), Showman, Dual-Showman, Bandmaster, Prosonic, Tone Master, Twin Reverb, Pro Reverb, Rivera Era Concert and Fender-75 amps, Blues DeVille, Hot Rod Deville, Hot Rod Deluxe. Deluxe, Deluxe Reverb Reissue, Twin Reverb Reissue, Fender Blues Deluxe, Princeton and Princeton Reverb.

Music Man:

Chassis Numbers: 1600-B, 1650-RD (*), 2100-65, 2100-75, 2100-130, 2100-150, 2100-B, 2165-RD, 2100-RD, 2165-RP, 2100-RP-65, 2275-65, 2475-75, 2275-75, 2475-130, 2275-130, 2475-150, 2275-150, RD-50.
(*) upcharge applies

Traynor (old models only):

YBA-1, YBA-1A, YBA-1B, YVM-1, YGA-1, YGL-3A, YGM-3, YSR-

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