Royal Plush®

The Plush “Royal Plush” is an easy to use compressor, which is easily dialed in for the widest range of tones.


The two knobs provide a simple means of setting both level and the amount of compression applied to the signal.

The level control should be set to your chosen level. This may be the same level as the normal unprocessed guitar tone, or set to a higher (or lower) level.

The bias control sets the amount of compression. From a slight amount of leveling, to an extreme compression.

When used in conjunction with one another, these control will allow you to dial the exact tone you seek.

A compressor may be inserted at various points in your pedal board or signal path.

You can place the “Royal Plush” at the start of your pedal chain for added sustain or to maintain a consistent signal level to the pedal board, or you can use the compressor after the pedal board, to allow more freedom of control on distortion effects on the pedal board, while using the compressor to limit or level out the overall processed signal.

The Plush “Royal PLush” provides a true hard wire bypass, which means when not in use (LED not lit) the input is connected directly to the output, with no loading of the signal, and no active devices in the signal path.

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